New ways to contact me, Ronen Rabinovici, developer

Nice to e-meet you. I am Ronen Rabinovici, TTSReader’s developer. I would like to thank you all for your support! Whether it is joining our premium plan, sending us feedback to make it better, telling friends about it, sharing on social media, or simply using this tool time after time - this gives me great motivation to continue developing it. Since I would like to have more interactions with you, hear from you, and share new developments with you, I opened a new Twitter account where you can follow me and contact me directly.

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Read out loud any website directly on

This is very exciting. Only a few weeks ago we first introduced our new web player - which reads out loud websites - simply by pasting in the website’s url. Since then - it has regular users using it daily to listen to online novels, wiki articles, news, professional materials and more. We are very excited, and thank you very much! If you haven’t seen it already, here’s a link to the webplayer, and here’s a screenshot of it reading the Wiki article on the Beatles:

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