Commercial Licensing & Terms

// Updated 22 Feb 2023 // Click here use commercially or publish When is a Commercial License Necessary? Using within a for-profit organization If you are a company, or a for-profit organization, using, please use our premium plan. Using the generated speech for publishing creations Recording and using the audio generated by TTSReader in a commercial application (ie publishing) Add generated speech for narrating YouTube Videos Speech for telephony messages Presentations - slide shows Automatic messages in reception rooms, shops, etc.

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Who Owns The Copyrights for Synthesized Speech?

Copyrights of Recorded Output made by Speech Synthesis via Web Speech API on Chrome We asked Google’s legal team about it, and they asked us to ask a private attorney. So, we asked one of the leading copyrights attorneys - Attorney Rod Underhill from California about it. Here is the question, followed by his formal answer. Question I use the Web Speech API via Chrome to synthesize speech of my original text.

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