TTSReader Plugin - Make Your Own Website Speak

Engage users - have your content spoken out

Enable users - who prefer to - listen to your content.


For users with sight, reading or concentration difficulties, or users who prefer to listen to content, rather than read it.

A Single line of code

A single line of code - that is ALL you need to add to your website, to make it speak.

Customizable UI

The plugin can look like your site, and can be customized to fit your site’s look and feel. It can be placed anywhere on the page, and can be hidden or shown at will.

Easy to use

The plugin is easy to use, requires no configuration, and works out of the box - both for you and for your users.

Unbeatable price - guaranteed

We commit to beat any other offer you have for a Text To Speech plugin / solution for your site. Moreover - we commit to cutting your TTS costs by at least 50%. Don’t believe us - try us.

No ads, no tracking, no cookies

The plugin does not track users, does not use cookies, and does not show ads.

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