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Yes you can. You'll need Windows or ChromeOs, a and TTSReader's premium account - activate premium here:

Yes you can. You'll have to pay the small fee and fulfill the terms, as written here:

Go on , sign in, and refresh the page.

Practically no. Whatever your browser can handle in terms of memory...

To enjoy ad-free experience, to support our development and in the future we'll add extra features open to premium users only.

No need to purchase again. (Given that you use the same Google user on the Play store) Within the app - click the 'Upgrade' button - just so it will connect the server to recognise you already purchased. You'll be recognised and the app will shift to premium mode.

No need to purchase for every device. Your premium is registered to you as a user. You can use enjoy it on unlimited number of devices, as long, as you're signed in with the same Google account to Chrome or Android. Note though - that premium is per product type (web-app / TTSReaderX chrome extension / Android app). Each product type - requires its own premium.

No. Each product type - requires its own premium. The different types are: 1. online web-app 2. TTSReaderX 3. Android app.

All payment is managed through the Play store - we have no access to it. Here's how to get to it on your device:

Cloud sync enables you to listen to the same text from any computer. It saves the text along with your last location and your speech-preferences such as language, voice and speed. Signing in to your account from any computer will let you then connect to your data and download it to a new location. If you want the new computer to automatically upload to cloud any changes - then make sure to check the 'Automatically upload current text & position to cloud' checkbox.

Yes it does - but it has to be first loaded to your browser. After it's loaded - you can go offline.

Yes. In fact we have a dedicated app for Android - which has tons of more features, such as playing the text in the background, reading out loud text directly from the browser - or any other app that shares text, works 100% offline - so it saves you data and more. For iOS - simply use on your iPhone's Safari browser.

Not at all. Only if you want to cloud-sync for backup or using multiple devices.

Simple - our email is We always try to read the email, but - it might take some time, and we can't always answer - as we get many many emails a day.

Thanks! We love to hear from you. Please fill out the following form. It's regularly being monitored by our development team - so there's no a small chance your request will be implemented, especially if it's requested by many.

If you don't use cloud sync your text is only stored locally on your machine - we use your browser's local storage (sometimes known as cookies) to store your text between sessions. If you do use our cloud-sync, then in addition to the local storage we store your text under your account in cloud-based storage managed by google. Unrelated to your text - you might be interested to know we use Google Analytics and Google Ads.