Premium on another Android device

Do I Need to purchase premium again for a second Android device? What to do if premium is not recognized?


I have recently purchased the premium version of TTSReader on Android. I want to use your app on my Android tablet. Can I use same account or do I have to buy a separate Premium package?


No need to purchase again. The premium is per account, not per device (given fair personal use). Just make sure you are logged in (on Google Play) with the same account on both devices.

What happens if my Premium is not recognized on the other device?

In that case - please try the following:

  • Make sure you are logged in with the same account on both devices.
  • Go on and start the purchase process again, and you will see that it will not charge you again, but will recognize your premium status.
  • In case it still did not recognize you - go on and purchase again, and then contact us via email for a refund of the second purchase. We will be happy to refund you - without any hassle on your part - no questions asked - just forward us the email with the Google receipt so we can track the order to refund.
    • In the subject line - please say ‘Refund’.
    • Please include the Google receipt (best to simply forward the email you received upon purchase to us).

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