Commercial & Publishing License

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When is a Commercial License Necessary?

A commercial license is necessary when using TTSReader commercially (ie within a business setup), or when using the generated audio for publishing.

Using within a business or for-profit organization

If you are a business, or working on behalf of a business, or a for-profit organization, using, please use our premium plan.

Using the generated speech for publishing

Recording and using the audio generated by TTSReader in a commercial application (ie publishing)

  • Add generated speech for narrating YouTube Videos
  • Speech for telephony messages
  • Presentations - slide shows
  • Automatic messages in reception rooms, shops, etc.
  • Speech for game-characters
  • Speech for apps

For any publishing please use our premium plan


Once upgraded, which Voices Can be Used for Publishing?

Important note:

We can only give you permission for publishing recorded voices that their name ends with a single or double asterisk (ie - * or **). Use Google Chrome to get enable more voices. Other voices may be installed on your device, which means you can use them on your device, but not necessarily allowed to publish them.


Contractual Terms for Using The Generated Speech Commercially

Terms and End User License Agreement (EULA)

  1. Voice that you are allowed to publish: You are limited to publishing only speech that uses voices that their name ends with a single or double asterisk (ie - * or **). Example for such voices available:

     Bahasa, Indonesia, G **
     Deutsch, G **
     Dutch, Netherlands, G **
     English, UK, Female **
     English, UK, Male **
     English, US, G **
     español, España, G **
     español, Estados Unidos, G **
     français, G **
     Hindi, G **
     italiano, G **
     Korean, G **
     Polski, G **
     Português, Brasil, G **
     中文 (台灣), G **
     日本語, G **
     普通话 (中国大陆), G **
     普通话 (香港), G **
  2. You cannot re-sell our service.

  3. Service is on AS-IS basis on We do our best to keep it alive and bug-free - and it is our interest - but - we can not guarantee.

Who Owns the Copyrights to the generated Speech?

You do. See our post about it for details.

Purchase a commercial & publishing license for just $2/month