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By Ronen Rabinovici, developer | February 6, 2023

This is very exciting. Only a few weeks ago we first introduced our new web player - which reads out loud websites - simply by pasting in the website’s url.

Since then - it has regular users using it daily to listen to online novels, wiki articles, news, professional materials and more.

We are very excited, and thank you very much! If you haven’t seen it already, here’s a link to the webplayer, and here’s a screenshot of it reading the Wiki article on the Beatles:

Webplayer image

Share playable article directly

It’s worth noting that you can share the playable article with anyone directly by copying its url. For instance - the following url is for reading the Beatles Wiki article: The Beatles on TTSReader’s Web Player, so you can share it with anyone, and they will get directly to the Beatles article in a playable mode, ready to be listened to.

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