New Service Automatically Transcribes Audio & Video Files

July 25, 2019

tl;dr (summary)

  • New service that automatically transcribes. You upload an audion/video file and get the text.
  • Supports captions
  • Most private, highly secured
  • Fast turnarounds, cost-effective
  • Has affiliates program - so you can direct people and get 10% off of all their purchases ever.
  • Use this link to get $5 bonus on your first purchase:

How it works

So, here’s how it works:

You simply go to the website and sign in with your google account. This means you don’t need to download any software, and you don’t need to remember passwords. Then you load credit - you can start as loading as little as $4.5 for transcribing 45 minutes. Then you click on ‘UPLOAD FILE’ and select the file you want to transcribe. Once it’s loaded, the file will be sent to transcription. Within minutes (depends on the length of the file) it will be ready and results will be sent to your dashboard. You will also receive a notification email once it is ready.

The results include a text file with the transcript without and with timestamps. They also include a special .srt file that can be used for video captions right out of the box.

The service is provided by WellSource - the company behind and WellSource does not have its own transcription engine, but uses Google’s Cloud Speech To Text. In many ways, this is actually a great advantage, as it leverages on Google’s ability to bring the highest quality & transcription accuracy possible. It only gets better too and supports multiple languages.

Cost & Accuracy

From our test high accuracy is achieved for good quality audio, where speaker speaks clearly and uninterrupted. Naturally, US English gets the best results.

Cost is fixed per minute - $0.1, where you load credit ahead of time for as much as you need. Unused credit is left in your balance so you can use it for future uploads.


The service is very protective of your privacy. It’s probably one of its strongest points compared to othe options out there. They use encrypted communication over SSL, they use Google’s more expensive option for NOT logging your data AND your audio files are removed from their servers as soon as the job is done. Transcriptions are available only to you, and Google-signin is required. No user-password can leak.


Speechnotes files has launched a very generous affiliates program that can really generate you nice passive income for life if you can refer many people to the service. They offer you 10% of every purchases your referrals will ever make. You can withdraw the money to your PayPal account if your reach more than $50 earnings, so you can actually turn your referrals to cash, not just virtual credit. Read more about it here:

Get $5 bonus

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Thanks for reading!

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