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May 10, 2017

(Updated on Dec. 6th, 2017)

When is a Commercial License Necessary

Using within an organization

If you are a company, or organization, using, please use our paypal donate link. If you are a personal user, or an educational institute - is free, no need to even donate - you are welcome, of course :).

Using the generated speech for commercial purposes - Publishing

Recording and using the audio generated by TTSReader in a commercial application (ie publishing)

  • Add generated speech for narrating YouTube Videos
  • Speech for telephony messages
  • Presentations - slide shows
  • Automatic messages in reception rooms, shops, etc.
  • Speech for game-characters
  • Speech for apps

Which Voices Can be Used for Publishing?

Important note:

We can only give you permission for publishing recorded voices that their name ends with ** (ie - 2 stars). Use Google Chrome to get these voices. Other voices come from your OS - so you’re usually not allowed to use them (depends on contractual terms of the OS itself).

Contractual Terms for Using The Generated Speech Commercially

Publishing on YouTube

You can use the speech generated by for a discounted amount of $10 - single time payment - per each video if you include a link to with an attribution (credits) to for generating the speech in every video description. That’s all. Make sure you use original text and only use voices that are permitted, as noted above.

If you do not wish to include such a link, then pricing is a bit more expensive.

You can pay using this PayPal link:

Commercial Plans

Commercial Plans Explained:

Using within an organization

Requires either the Commercial - non Publishing plan (one time payment of $19 per user).


The Extended Publishing plan (one time payment of $49) for up to 100 users.

Publishing a Youtube video

Requires either the “YouTube Single Video - with Link to” or the “YouTube Single Video - without Link to”. The first one is $10 the latter is a bit more expensive. Both are a single time payment for life.


You can purchase the “Extended Publishing License”, which gives you license to publish up to 10 youtubes videos.

“Extended Publishing License”

License to publish up to 10 videos or apps or games. Unlimited one-year usage for phone-messaging system or other usages.

Terms and End User License Agreement (EULA)

1) Voice that you are allowed to publish: You are limited to publishing only speech that uses voices that their name ends with ** (ie - 2 stars). Example for such voices available:

    Bahasa, Indonesia, G **
    Deutsch, G **
    Dutch, Netherlands, G **
    English, UK, Female **
    English, UK, Male **        
    English, US, G **
    español, España, G **
    español, Estados Unidos, G **
    français, G **
    Hindi, G **
    italiano, G **
    Korean, G **
    Polski, G **
    Português, Brasil, G **
    中文 (台灣), G **
    日本語, G **
    普通话 (中国大陆), G **
    普通话 (香港), G **

2) You cannot re-sell our service.

3) Service is on AS-IS basis on We do our best to keep it alive and bug-free - and it is our interest - but - we can not guarantee.

Who Owns the Copyrights to the generated Speech?

You do. See our post about it for details.

Commercial Plans
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