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Need to record audio from Chrome, YouTube or other?
Here's how in a few simple steps (includes screenshots).

This way you can capture the cool voices generated by and export to an audio file you can use

No need to record the speakers - you can record the audio from within the pc itself. It will be of higher audio quality - as it's the original digital signal, clear and without ambient noise.
Also, no need to purchase a software for that. There's a great app called Audacity. Audacity® is free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing.
Click here to go to audacity's website, where you can download it. After you install it - you're almost done - so continue reading...

Step (1) - Select Windows WASAPI as the audio source

Step (2) - Select Speakers for the Audio Input Channel

Step (3) - Start recording

Start playing the audio you want to record from your PC. And then - Click the Record button in Audacity.

Step (4) - Export audio file

What next?

That's really all to it!
Now you can record any speech generated by TTSReader, and use it in YouTubes, games, presentations or just sending it to friends.
For commercial applications, make sure you contact us at to get a license.

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