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Instantly reads out loud any text with natural sounding voices


A Web app that works great both on Chrome and Safari. No need to download or install. No annoying login either. Simply paste the text and click "play".
TTSReader remembers the article and last position when paused, even if you close the browser. This way, you can come back to listening right where you previously left.

Works on Chrome for mobile too. Ideal for listening to articles while driving, travelling, exercising, working and more.

Podcast Written Texts

While working, or driving, listen to interesting articles and books

TTSReader is really helpful for busy people who want to be able to listen to written content while doing something else.
For instance - you can listen to whole Wikipedia articles (just copy-paste them to here), or to some documents you need to study for work or personal education.
Watch this YouTube to see how it reads Dr. Seuss' "the cat in the hat". You'll be surprised.

Saves you tons of mobile data traffic and charges

Regular podcast apps consume a ton of data, as long audio files are also large in size. Contrary to that, TTSReader uses text to speech engines, which are built in your mobile system. This way, you can listen to hours of textual podcasts with close to zero data consumption. This makes this software ideal for drivers and really everyone who wants to listen to interesting material on the go.

Educational & Occupational for Kids

Kids love hearing good stories, and it's also great for their development. Nothing can come close to mommy or daddy reading the bed time story. But, with TTSReader you can now let them listen to additional stories on top of those that mommy & daddy read them. Try it, our feedback is that kids love it!

Aid for people with difficulties in reading

People with difficulties in reading (regular or temporal), but don't want to compromise self-developing utilize TTSReader as their helper.

Narrating & dubbing movies, presentations & more

Simply type the text you need narrated in the required language (you can translate it first via Google-Translate) - click the Play button - and record the output speech.
You've just created your professional - sounding audio file in any language.

Reviews & Users’ Feedback (4.5 stars!)

We made this software for our users. That's why we're so happy to hear your feedback. Our users have rated TTSReader on the Chrome-store higher than 4.5 stars! Well above other online alternatives. Here are some of the user reviews we got on the store:

"It works perfectly. and its free Best reader with unlimited usage my kids love it Thank you very much"

"Works like a charm. I have tries several other "text to speech" apps and extensions and this is the only one that works and it works well!!"

"Fantastic! Sentences are clear and the pacing is perfect!"

... And there are many more. Read all of them on the Chrome store

Thanks a lot guys! Your feedback gives us great motivation to keep going in developing great solutions

Instructions & More


Paste in the app's text box any text you want to be read out for you.
Click "play". That's it. TTSReader will take care of the rest, so you can enjoy listening.

Pause & Play - any click on the central "play/pause" button will pause or restasrt the reading from the last spot accordingly.
Restart - click the "rewind" button to restart reading from the beginning.
Set language & reading pace - both the language and speech pace can be changed to fit your needs. Supported languages are: UK English, US English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.


TTSReader is really cross-platform, as long as you run it on Chrome or Safari. It works great on any desktop, mac, laptop, Chromebook and even mobile.


We at value your privacy, and that's why we do not store anything you type or in fact any other data about you.


Although we try, speech results might not be accurate. Also, is a service provided AS-IS and we cannot guarantee that it will continue in the future (share with friends to make sure it will stay for ever :) )

We appreciate your Feedback & Support

If you have feedback, ideas or requests, please contact us, we will be more than happy to hear from you.
If you like TTSReader, please show support by rating us on the Chrome store, sharing with friends, or mentioning us on your posts and blogs. Your friends and followers will appreciate it too. You may also contribute by a small donation ("buy me a coffee" style).

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